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Crawl Space Services

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The crawl space in your house may be dark, damp, smelly, and full of bugs, but it is actually as important as any room in your house because all the air in the crawl space eventually ends up in your living area. 

Humidity - Public Enemy #1

The number one problem in a crawl space is moisture. If the crawl space is breeding mold and mildew, serious breathing problems could result, not to mention the structural damage that mold and mildew can eventually cause to floor joists. Additionally, moist air condenses on the ductwork in your crawl space. When ductwork “sweats,” the insulation around the ductwork gets wet, reducing its effectiveness.

Air coming through openings (foundation vents, dryer vents, holes for water lines or electric line) comes in contact with duct work and causes it to sweat. Thereby creating humidity. This hot stagnate air moves up into your living area. This is called the "stack" effect or the "chimney" effect. And it must be stopped.

We Customize Our Crawl Space Services

Before performing any crawl space services, our owner, Jim Gilbert, personally inspects the crawl space to see what is really needed. During this inspection, Jim uses special tools to measure relative humidity and wood moisture content. Then he discusses his findings and recommendations to the homeowner.

He may suggest any of the following crawl space services separately or in combination) to address the specific crawl space problems you have. Click each link below to find out more about each service: 

We Are a Certified Installer of WhiteCap Crawl Space Products

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