Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation

Have you been smelling something a little "funky" in the house and can't locate the source of the odor? It could be coming from your crawl space. You see, all the air in the crawl space eventually ends up in your living area. If mold or mildew are growing in the crawl space due to moisture, you could be at risk for several serious problems: breathing problems, worsening allergy problems, structural damage to your floor joists, and sweating ductwork that is inefficient and costs you more money on heating and cooling bills.

Installing a crawl space moisture barrier is one way to solve or prevent these problems. A properly sealed floor in the crawl space under a house does not allow warm, humid air to enter the space from the ground, and this will also help you keep your home free from pollutants and toxins. With every crawl space moisture barrier we install, we also install a new door in the crawl space to make that opening air-tight and water tight.

Another solution for crawl space moisture is a complete encapsulation of the space. Learn more about this technique.

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