Customer: Miguel C.

Location: Spring Hill, TN 37174

Project Manager: Nathan

Foreman: Jacob

Problem: Reinventing the Foundation of Comfort in Spring Hill’s Cherry Grove

Nestled amidst the rapid expansion spurred by the June Lake Development near I-65 south, Spring Hill’s Cherry Grove subdivision emerged from its once semi-isolated state, thanks to the new infrastructural developments around Buckner Lane.

Seizing the opportunity presented by this burgeoning growth, Miguel and his family invested in a 2006-built 4-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom residence, envisioning it as their dream home.

However, beneath the home’s welcoming façade lay an overlooked challenge: a crawl space neglected over time, now a breeding ground for moisture and microbial infestations.

This concern loomed over the family’s excitement, with the crawl space’s dampness casting a shadow over their new beginning. Recognizing the urgency, Miguel sought expertise from The Clean Air Co., which his trusted real estate broker recommended.

Solution: Crafting a Sanctuary from the Ground Up in Spring Hill, TN

Our journey to revitalize Miguel’s home began with thoroughly examining the crawl space—the foundation of a healthy living environment.

Confronted with the dual threats of trapped heat from the poorly insulated sheet metal door and the relentless humidity contributing to mold proliferation, our team embarked on a comprehensive transformation.

We initiated our intervention by eradicating the visible microbial growth with a botanical disinfectant, setting the stage for a more profound structural overhaul.

Acknowledging the inadequacy of the existing vapor barrier, we proposed a full encapsulation using a premium 20mil vapor barrier, ensuring a durable defense against moisture.

The rusted, heat-conducting door was replaced with an advanced, maintenance-free alternative, complemented by the sealing of foundation vents to establish a fully insulated crawl space.

Our commitment to creating a controlled, healthy environment was further solidified with the installation of a commercial-grade dehumidifier, meticulously maintaining an optimal climate beneath the home.

Understanding the importance of ease and accessibility for ongoing maintenance, Miguel’s request for lighting was met with the strategic placement of lights throughout the crawl space, illuminating the path for future inspections.

The Transformation: A Beacon of Health and Comfort in Spring Hill

The renovation of the Cherry Grove home is a testament to our dedication to enhancing living spaces from the ground up. Miguel’s proactive approach, coupled with our expertise, has addressed the immediate concerns and laid a solid foundation for a healthy, comfortable home environment.

We invite you to explore how The Clean Air Co. can redefine your home’s foundation, promising a future where every breath is a breath of fresh air. Let us guide you through a transformation that secures your investment and enriches your living experience in Spring Hill and beyond.



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