Pawsitively Transformed: Crawl Space Revitalization at City Pets Animal Care in Nashville, TN

Customer: Eva E.

Location: Nashville, TN 37208

Project Manager: Nathan

Foreman: Justin

Problem: Remedying Beneath the Paws at City Pets Animal Care in Nashville, TN

Below the barks, woofs, and meows at City Pets Animal Care in Nashville was an old cellar/basement in desperate need of some doctoring.

While the clinic itself has seen a list of improvements and updates, there were unresolved issues below that were concerning to the building owner, including:

  • Standing water
  • Drainage problems
  • Excessive moisture
  • Microbial growth
  • Rotted, termite-damaged set of stairs.

Our crawl space services were introduced during our cleaning and sanitizing of the clinic’s air ducts, prompting an invitation to assess and address the cellar/crawl space concerns.

Typical of many historic homes, this former residence-now-business featured a crawl space excavated for heating and cooling equipment installation, leading to prevalent standing water and excessive moisture.

The situation was challenging, but we had a strategy to tackle the problems before us.

Solution: Transformative Measures for a Healthier Business Environment in Nashville, TN

Our crawl space encapsulation team initiated the restoration process by soda blasting the overhead floor system with baking soda, and thoroughly disinfecting the entire crawl space using a botanical antimicrobial treatment.

We strategically installed drainage to channel water seepage to a below-grade sump pump to address the water-related issues.

Nex, exterior drainage solutions were installed to fortify the overall water management system.

With water-related concerns resolved, we focused on encapsulating the exposed soil using an underlayment of drainage matting, topped with our heavy-duty white vapor barrier.

This multi-layered approach served as a robust defense against moisture infiltration. Additionally, the termite-damaged staircase underwent reconstruction, ensuring structural integrity and safety.

A commercial-grade dehumidifier was installed to maintain clean and conditioned air, contributing to a safer and healthier crawl space and basement environment.

The successful transformation at City Pets Animal Care is a testament to our commitment, showcasing a dramatically improved crawl space. We double-dog dare you to find a more dramatic crawl space transformation!


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