Goodbye Mice and Moisture: Enhancing Home Safety and Comfort through Strategic Crawl Space Restoration in Franklin, TN

Customer: Carol P.

Location: Franklin, TN 37069

Project Manager: Nathan

Foreman: Justin

Crawl Space Deterioration in Franklin Home: Insulation Issues, Water Seepage, and Rodent Infestation

Carol P.’s hillside home in Franklin, TN, boasts breathtaking views from the back patio, a highlight of the Williamson County region. However, the situation beneath the house told a different story.

The crawl space, a crucial but often overlooked area, suffered from several issues that detracted from the home’s overall appeal and safety. Notably, falling insulation was visible, indicating ongoing deterioration. Water seepage had become a persistent problem, slowly contributing to increased humidity levels within the space.

Furthermore, the presence of rodents exacerbated the situation, creating a need for urgent intervention. Compounding these issues was a moisture-damaged wooden crawl space door that failed to prevent water and rodents from entering, thus compromising the structural integrity and hygiene of the crawl space.

Comprehensive Crawl Space Restoration in Franklin Home: Insulation Replacement, Vent Sealing, and Moisture Control

To address these multifaceted problems, our team, led by Project Manager Nathan and Foreman Justin, devised a comprehensive repair strategy in collaboration with homeowner Carol P.

The initial step involved removing all moisture-damaged fiberglass insulation from the overhead floor system, which was crucial to halt the ongoing damage and prepare for restorative measures. To combat the intrusion of external air and pests, we sealed and insulated the crawl space vents, effectively blocking the entry of hot, humid air in the summer and frigid air in the winter.

Our next course of action involved the installation of a robust, puncture, and tear-resistant vapor barrier coupled with an energy-efficient dehumidifier to manage and maintain optimal humidity levels. The final touch in our restoration process was replacing the old, deteriorating wooden crawl space door with a new, solid, weather-resistant door designed to offer superior protection against moisture and pests.

Thanks to these interventions, the underpinnings of the house are now as impressive as the views from above, ensuring beauty and functionality from every angle.


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