Breathe Easy: Crawl Space Renovation for Healthier Living in Nashville, TN

Customer: Lisa and Dean N.

Location: Nashville, TN 37214-1617

Project Manager: Nathan

Foreman: Jacob

Problem: Mitigating Moisture Woes and Microbial Threats in a Modernized Mid-Century Ranch

Across McGavock Pike from the Two Rivers Mansion is a quiet Nashville
neighborhood and a mid-century ranch home boasting recent renovations from a modern makeover.

Just below these first-floor features, the crawl space required a makeover of its

Our inspection unveiled plumbing leaks compounding moisture levels, fostering conditions conducive to microbial growth.

This unwelcome growth was mainly concentrated in areas where ductwork leaked conditioned air into the crawl space.

Adding to the complexity, camel crickets, thriving in moisture-rich environments, were observed along the foundation walls. Concerned about their indoor air quality, the homeowners sought assistance from The Clean Air Co.

Solution: Elevating Indoor Air Quality with Natural Disinfectants and Comprehensive Encapsulation in Nashville, TN

Our air quality team addressed the challenges by initially treating the floor joists and subfloor with a botanical disinfectant. This natural disinfectant, enriched with thyme oil—a centuries-old essential oil with medicinal properties—effectively sanitized the affected areas.

Next, plumbing leaks were quickly resolved. To safeguard against future moisture issues, we applied a robust, puncture, and tear-resistant vapor barrier to encapsulate the crawl space floor.

This barrier served as a protective shield, preventing ground moisture from compromising the home’s wood structure and isolating the crawl space from bare soil.

Key to our strategy was the sealing and insulation of foundation vents, coupled with installing a commercial dehumidifier. This advanced system conditioned and filtered the crawl space air, promoting a healthier environment.

A new air-sealed door was installed to fortify the space further, preventing the influx of humid air.

With these measures, Lisa and Dean N.’s renovated rancher now boasts optimal health above and below.


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