Revitalizing Home Comfort:
Crawl Space Moisture Remediation in Franklin, TN

Customer: Amy A.

Location: Franklin, TN 37064

Project Manager: Nathan

Foreman: Jacob

Problem: Unveiling Moisture Woes in a Colonial Home near the 10th Hole at Franklin Bridge Golf Club

Amy A.’s charming two-story colonial home, located just north of the 10th hole at Franklin Bridge Golf Club in Franklin, TN 37064, was facing an insidious issue beneath its surface.

A comprehensive inspection revealed the presence of standing water surrounding the crawl space perimeter, contributing to microbial growth on exposed floor system areas.

Insulation, heavy with moisture, was sagging under the added weight. While fiberglass insulation can perform quite well in a wall cavity, exposed to crawl space moisture, it invariably fails. 

The homeowner faced this challenge and contacted us to explore the best solutions.

Solution: Effective Steps for Moisture Control and Crawl Space Remediation

We “teed off” the project by removing the moisture-damaged insulation and
remediating the growth on the floor system.

We then focused on sealing pipe penetrations through the foundation walls, eliminating avenues for water infiltrating the crawl space.

A pivotal step involved the installation of our high-quality white virgin polyethylene vapor barrier,  applied to encapsulate the bare soil. This barrier was further secured to the walls using a band of spray foam insulation, creating an impermeable vapor-tight seal.

Despite our standard recommendation for dehumidification, we adapted our approach to accommodate the homeowner’s request to keep the crawl space vented from the outside.

However, we can install a dehumidifier later for optimal moisture control.

Notably, the vents at this property leveraged cross-communication, fostering positive airflow through the crawl space—a feature not always present in newer homes.


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