Questions about Crawl Spaces

  1. Is a dirt crawl space unhealthy?
    Dirt crawl spaces do not have to be wet or flooded to be extremely unhealthy. A damp environment is very unhealthy and destructive, and soil has a very high humidity. Mold thrives in damp environments. The dampness in the crawl space soil moves easily into the crawl space. Then, because the natural airflow in a house is from bottom to top, this moisture moves upward into a home’s environment.
  2. What causes a musty smell in the crawl space?
    It’s moisture. See the answer to question #1.
  3. Is it normal for a crawl space to smell musty?
    It’s a sign that you have moisture in the crawl space and you need to address the problem. Remedies can include: installing a vapor barrier, completely encapsulation the crawl space, installing a sump pump, digging a French drain, or installing a dehumidifier.
  4. Can you power wash a crawl space?
    The question should be not “can you,” but “should you.” And the answer is no. You would be increasing the moisture in the crawl space.
  5. Should I put gravel in my dirt crawl space?
    Probably not. It’s not a good way to seal off moisture because gravel is porous. It actually lets water go through it easier.
  6. Should a crawl space be vented or not?
    We have written a complete blog about this questions called Foundation Vents – Opened or Closed? Click the link to find out.
  7. Can I spray bleach on my floor joists to kill mold?
    Even though bleach is very effective for killing mold on non-porous surfaces, it doesn’t work well on wood. This is because the chlorine in bleach can’t penetrate wood, so only the water portion of the bleach gets absorbed. Learn more about our mold remediation service.
  8. What should I do if I have black mold in the crawl space?
    Not all black mold is toxic, but it can be difficult to distinguish the toxic kind (Stachybotrys chartarum) from other molds that are black. It’s best to call in a professional in this situation. You shouldn’t touch toxic black mold, and it’s particularly harmful when inhaled.

If you have any more questions or problems with your crawl space,
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