Win Remove Allergens from Your Home – Win the Spring Allergy Season Wars with Air Duct Cleaning 

Ah, spring. Bright blue skies, blooming flowers and trees, and soaring pollen levels! Are you are one of the many seasonal allergy sufferers in this region who have retreated indoors in hopes of avoiding the constant sniffling and sneezing? If so, you may have noticed that indoor air quality is seldom pristine enough to completely avoid symptoms. That’s because an estimated 25% of indoor air particulates originate from outside sources. Compound that with additional pollutants typically found in the home, and the value of indoor air quality services will quickly become apparent. According to the EPA, indoor air is found to be up to 70 times more polluted than outside air.

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Did you know leading medical authorities, doctors and allergists now prescribe air duct cleaning as a method of treatment? Poor indoor air quality has been acknowledged as a major allergy and disease causing problem by the medical community. Improving indoor air quality is vital to good health. Microbial contamination poses a major health threat to people who suffer from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory ailments.

Cleaning your air ducts is one of the most beneficial ways to remove allergens from your home. Pollen that gets into your home may be circulating in your vents. Your air ducts can harbor just as much dust as your filter, AC coils and household fixtures. As your air supply moves through the system, you can be exposed to pollutants and contaminants all over again.

Another source of contaminants could be your crawl smpace. If you don’t feel comfortable inspecting the crawl space, give us a call for a free crawl space evaluation.

Your need for air duct cleaning can range based on issues like how tightly your home is sealed and how zealous you are about HVAC maintenance. Additionally, to prolong the life and improve the efficiency of your HVAC system, the Better Heating-Cooling Council recommends cleaning your duct work. It’s estimated that 90% of HVAC system failures are caused by dirt and dust. Air duct cleaning can also reduce heating and cooling costs by allowing your system to operate more efficiently.

Why not let our professional team at The Clean Air Co LLC help you remove allergens from your home and win the spring allergy war? Call today for your free quote at 615-758-3717. And remember, “What you can’t see, can hurt you!”