Breathe Easy: Crawl Space Restoration Near Shugga Hi Chicken and Waffles in Nashville, TN

Customer: Zoltan G.

Location: Nashville, TN 37207-5449

Project Manager: Nathan

Foreman: Jacob

Problem: Reviving a 1920’s Bungalow with a Musty Crawl Space in Nashville, TN

This 1920s bungalow-style home sits just east of Dickerson Pike and a few blocks
away from the much beloved Shugga Hi Chicken and Waffles.

If you’re lucky, you might just catch the delightful smell of chicken frying as it wafts eastwardly from the restaurant. But underneath this nicely restored Nashville home, another picture comes into view: a nasty crawl space.

This confined, musty, and dusty crawl space, marred by construction debris and mold growth, demanded attention to align it with the elevated standards of the rest of the house.

The homeowner, determined to address this issue, sought a solution to restore the crawl space to its former glory.

Solution: Elevating Comfort and Energy Efficiency with Comprehensive Crawl Space Remediation in Nashville, TN

Zoltan undertook a thorough evaluation of various opinions before selecting our recommended scope of work. Our contracted services included the installation of a heavy-duty vapor barrier, a pivotal step in controlling ground moisture and safeguarding the floor system above.

The transformation journey commenced with a general crawl space cleanup and targeted mold remediation treatment, clearing away debris and mitigating potential health hazards.

We applied closed-cell spray foam insulation to all exterior-facing foundation walls to address gaps in the foundation’s block work.

This strategic insulation created an air-tight seal, preventing air leakage and enhancing energy efficiency, but also contributed significantly to reducing wintertime energy costs, translating into substantial savings.

The positive impact of this comprehensive solution can be explored further in our reviews, highlighting the homeowner’s satisfaction with the process and results.

We take pride in contributing to protecting and enhancing Zoltan’s home and investment.


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