Overcoming Crawl Space Humidity in Cottonwood: A Franklin, TN Success Story

Customer: Melanie W.

Location: Franklin, TN 37069-4161

Project Manager: Nathan

Foreman: Justin

Problem: Addressing Persistent Crawl Space Humidity and Water Intrusion Issues in Franklin, TN

Tucked away among the cape cod-style homes of the Cottonwood subdivision in
This quaint neighborhood home suffered from years of crawl space humidity problems in Franklin, TN.

The root cause was traced back to the HVAC unit’s external opening, which, due to poor grading, allowed water to infiltrate the crawl space during intense rainfalls.

This Franklin property also faced additional moisture complications from improperly channeled downspouts, contributing to a damp crawl space environment and fostering microbial and mold growth in the floor system.

Water seepage through the crawl space door further exacerbated the issue. The homeowner, seeking effective moisture management solutions, reached out to address these persistent humidity and water intrusion problems in her home.

Solution: Implementing Custom Crawl Space Moisture Control and Mold Remediation in Franklin, TN’s Cottonwood Community

After considering various estimates, Melanie W. selected our specialized services for her home in Franklin, TN.

Our crawl space encapsulation team began the renovation by extracting the existing fiberglass insulation and sealing the crawl space foundation vents.

Next, a comprehensive mold remediation process was executed on the floor system to eliminate mold and microbial presence. Our strategy for this Franklin home included the installation of a durable white vapor barrier, encapsulating both the floor and lower wall sections to isolate the interior from ground moisture.

Enhancements such as an airtight crawl space door, a high-efficiency commercial-grade dehumidifier, and strategic service lighting were also implemented.

Furthermore, we addressed external water management by waterproofing the HVAC unit’s entry point and extending the downspout lines to divert water away from the foundation.

These targeted interventions have significantly improved the living conditions in this Cottonwood, Franklin, TN, home, ensuring a dry and healthy crawl space environment.


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