Air Ducts Sealed and Insulated in Franklin, TN

From our first meeting with Dino, it was apparent that he does things the right way. This Franklin Tennessee homeowner takes lawn care to the next level, so much so that he advises other turf enthusiasts regarding lawn care and maintenance on his YouTube channel, The Lawn Shark. From Dino's perfectly restored cape cod style home to his pristinely manicured yard, we dare you to find a more charming home restoration in the Williamson County area. So, when it came time to resolve some lingering issues with his crawl space, Dino chose to fix things the right way and with a few nice upgrades.

The Problem: An Unsealed Opening

One issue that we frequently see during inspections is an unsealed opening in the foundation wall (first photo to the right) between the HVAC system (outside) and the crawl space. Often, this opening allows pests and water free passage into the crawl space. Dino chose to have us seal this area with both 2" rigid foam board (second photo to the right) and a 2" thick coat of spray foam insulation (third photo below. While spray foam insulation provides great R-value, it's also considered a Vapor Retarder (Barrier) by the U.S. Department of Energy, helping to mitigate dampness from foundation walls. lls into the neighborhood. Two cars had hit the entryway causing cosmetic damage and causing the wall to lean.

The Results

This project featured:

  • our 10-mil woven vapor barrier over the crawl space floor
  • spray foam insulation over the foundation walls
  • a commercial grade dehumidifier
  • drainage and a sump pump on the low side of the crawl space.

We mitigated microbial growth on the subfloor and floor joists by soda blasting the entire floor system and fogging with a broad-spectrum disinfectant. The result: a clean, dry, conditioned space that will help protect the undercarriage of the home for years to come.

For great tips on lawn care, make sure to follow “The Lawn Shark” on YouTube.


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