Pet Friendly Crawl Space in Nashville, TN

Customer: Eva E.

Location: Nashville, TN 37208

Project Manager: Nathan

Foreman: Justin


Below the barks, woofs, and meows at City Pets Animal Care in Nashville was an old
cellar/basement in desperate need of some doctoring. While the clinic itself has seen a list of
improvements and updates, there were unresolved issues below that were concerning to the
building owner, including: standing water, drainage problems, excessive moisture, microbial
growth, and a rotted, termite damaged set of stairs. City Pets became aware of our crawl space
services while we were there cleaning and sanitizing their air ducts, so they invited us back for
an opinion on their cellar/crawl space. Like many old Nashville homes, this former
home-turned-business sat on a crawl space that had been excavated to add heating and
cooling equipment. Excavation often leads to standing water and excessive moisture. The
prognosis wasn’t good, but we had a great treatment plan in place.


We began by soda blasting the overhead floor system with baking soda, followed up
by disinfecting the entire crawl space with a botanical antimicrobial treatment. Drainage was
installed to channel water seepage to a below-grade sump pump. Once the water issues had
been resolved, along with some outside drainage, we encapsulated the exposed soil with an
underlayment of drainage matting, covered by our heavy-duty white vapor barrier. To complete
the project we rebuilt the termite damaged staircase and installed a commercial-grade
dehumidifier to maintain clean, conditioned air. Now this business is benefiting from a safer,
healthier crawl space and basement. We double dog dare you to find a more dramatic crawl
space transformation!