Crawl Space Clean Outs

Mold and mildew are problematic in many ways. They have a musty smell and can cause respiratory problems. They also can damage the structure of your house because they damages floor joists and other wood surfaces that they grow on.

As part of our vapor barrier installation service and our encapsulation installation, we always clean up any surfaces in the crawl space that have mold or mildew growing on them. We hand-wipe floor joists and other surfaces, and then treat with a mold retardant.

We also offer this mold and mildew clean-up as a separate service. Generally speaking, though, if you need this service, you would also need at least a vapor barrier to ensure the problem did not reoccur.

Crawl Space Trash Removal Too!

Crawl Space Clean Out

Our crawl space cleaning also includes removing all those things you have stored in the crawl space. From swing sets to scrap wood, from old plumbing fixtures to extra roof shingles. We've seen it all.

After we've cleaned the crawl space, if you want to continue to store the things under the house, we will put them back. But if you want to get rid of some of some or all of the things, we will haul them away at no extra cost. (We don't recommend that you store wood under the house though because it attracts insects, particularly termites.)

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